Switching to two wheels for your commute can make you happier, healthier and wealthier – plus it’s great for the environment and reduces pollution and congestion in our towns and cities.

Register your company for Bike to Work Week and together we’ll encourage more of your co-workers to start enjoying the benefits of riding to work. You will also go into the drawing to win awesome prizes!

Commuting to work has many benefits for individuals, organizations and our community – plus its great fun! Join us to reboot your commute and discover the joys and benefits of commuting by bike!

Sign up now!

How it works…

Commit to one trip, one day, or the whole week of leaving your car at home and enjoying a more active lifestyle!

  1. Sign up as an individual
    Use the sign-up button above. Consider becoming a Commute Champion at work or in the community. Share your trips and your experience on social media #MichianaBTWW. Learn more about Commute Champions below.
  2. Sign up your company for the Employer Challenge
    Find out how your company compares to others and have fun with your co-workers at the same time by registering for an Employer Team.
  3. Get out and about – and leave the car at home!
    Log each trip you take by bike no matter where you are going.
  4. Enter to win prizes
    Log your trips to get groceries, visit the library, travel to work, go to a friend’s house. Log more trips for more chances to win!
  5. Celebrate your success
    At the end of the week, awards will be given to Employers who went above and beyond their competitors.

What trips count…

You commute everywhere! Your work commute isn’t your only option. Biking to the store? That’s a trip. Biking back from the store? That’s another trip. Congratulations, now you just have to log them!

Log your trips to a grocery store, restaurant, school, library, bank, park, friend’s house. work, or a meeting.

Let’s see how this works. To log 5 trips throughout my day, I might:

  1. Ride my bike to work
  2. Bike to a meeting in the next neighborhood
  3. Bike back to work from the meeting
  4. Ride my bike home
  5. Take my kids for a bike ride to the park and back

Commuter Challenge Awards

Capitalism runs on competition, and so do we. Having a friendly competition between employers can encourage more individuals to take more activity. But everyone wants to know how you win! So how do you win? Look at the point breakdown below.

How will points be calculated?
Points Action Description
25 Points New Riders Check the “New Rider” box during registration
1 point per 1 mile Receive one point for each mile you ride
5 points per trip For each trip taken (max of 6 trips per day)

Total Employer Points = every employee registered for the Bike to Work Challenge, under one workplace, that completes at least one bike commute between May 13 – 19, 2019.

The winner is the employer with the highest overall Total Employer Points in its tier. Each tier winner will be announced the following Friday (May 24, 2019).

Be a Commuter Champion!

Help us get as many coworkers signed up and logging trips as possible. Reach a champion goal and earn extra chances to win prizes!

Champion Goal

  • Create 5 social media posts showing workers commuting with #MichianaBTWW.
  • Log at least one ride for 5 consecutive days.

If you reach at least one of these goals, every Champion receives 5 extra entries into the Raffle Prize Draw.

Raffle Prizes

We want to encourage activity each day by rewarding you to log trips each day. Each day you log a ride, that will count as an entry into the Raffle Prize Drawing. To promote BTWW, we want you to share your commute on Facebook using the #MichianaBTWW. Each day you post using our hashtag will count as an entry into the Raffle Prize Drawing.

Check out the current list of prizes here (subject to change). The Raffle Prize Drawing winners will be announced the following Friday (May 24, 2019). Winners will be notified by email and/or social media.