June 7 will mark one year since the accident near Kalamazoo, where a man allegedly doped up on drugs ran his pickup truck into nine bicyclists on a countryside ride, killing five. I hear from my friends up there that the four badly injured survivors are riding again this spring, though I’m sure they’re still healing.

It has left a changed community, not paralyzed by fear but motivated to address lingering issues of bike safety. The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club stepped up its educational efforts, says Paul Selden, the club’s director of road safety and founder of Bike Friendly Kalamazoo.

Both Kalamazoo and Michiana mark Bike to Work Week next week. The events invite us to gather and ask experienced cyclists for tips on finding and riding safe routes. But it also calls on us to be squeaky wheels, to point out where cyclists are most vulnerable.

We don’t have the space to cover every issue. And South Bend’s Smart Streets paths, which will have critics and fans, have yet to be born since the contractors’ deadline is June 1. So let’s look at some low-hanging fruit.

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